Daily Revelation

I want all of you to know what is going on. I hear all your complaints and I see your heart's desire. I just want you to know that God has heard everything and that he is just about to fix this whole situation. Something miraculous has happened. A few days ago, the Lord of glory came back to earth. The Angel told his disciples when he ascended that in the days to come that he would come in in like manner how he left. He ascended into "Clouds" was received up out of their sight. Well, he came back out of the "Great Cloud" of Witnesses and instead of being found in physical form, he came into his own people. "Don't you know that the Kingdom of God is within you?? He came like a "Thief in the night" in a manner and in a way that people would not recognize just like how it was when he came the first time. I see him because he is in me and that has how I know what is about to happen. His next step will now be to "reveal" himself out of where he has been hidden for the last 2,000 years. For the whole world to see him and to behold his Glory.

Ready to be revealed with all his Holy Angeles in attendance. Angelos or messengers. Not heavenly Angels but people who do the will of God and who carry the message of the Gospel. He in me is just about to be revealed. But how do I know that it is him and that this is not Robert's fantasy??? Because he will start moving from me to do great miracles, signs and wonders. healings, casting out demons and raising the dead. Not in the part realm, but all the time in the fullness and at will. Because he will do exactly what he did before!!! This is a great mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we who are called for this shall be changed, in a moment in a twinkling of an eye. And we shall be like him because we shall see him as he is. Not as we want to see him, or how we think he should look. But to see him AS HE IS!!!

When you see this, you will know that I am telling the truth and that he has come back to redeem mankind!! God is sending me in his power and authority (Real this time, not just a part of it) to Africa later this year. The reason that I am going is I am going to destroy the wickedness that exists in high places of spiritual authority over the Continent of Africa. I am going to Bind the strongman (The Devil) and release all the peoples of Africa to receive the fullness of their inheritance. The Devil has been stealing everything from you for centuries. It was not the white man. It was the devil. He was just using white men to do it. He has all of it in a huge storehouse and he has no intention of ever releasing any of it to you. That is why you are poor, halt and maim. Because of him. As a believer, you pray and pray, and it seems like nothing ever happens. The reason is because the devil who sits in the seat of the Prince and Power of the Air, or atmosphere around us, has a seat between God in heaven and men here on earth. He moves to intercept our answers to prayer and all our wealth and hides it in his storehouse. And how can you plunder his house unless you bind him first??

And that is what I am going to Africa to do. To bind the devil and to release the blessing of all the ages unto the people. This is God's will concerning you. You do not have to try and figure out how much he owes you because God already knows!!! I am doing this for your benefit, not my own. But I am going as a natural man and I also have natural needs. Airline tickets, lodging, food, venues, infrastructure for a great revival across the land. I need resources and the only place I will find it is in you guys. You must see how I am revealing great secrets here and that God must surely be with me. I absolutely need your support to do this and you yourself shall reap the benefits. Because as soon as I am done with Africa, I am coming home!!! send me an offering through Paypal. I am making all the preparations now. Become a part of the greatest restoration of wealth to anyone in humanity today. And I find it really cool that God chose to restore Africa first. That because she suffered the most!!

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