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Hashem gave the leaves of Cannabis to heal the afflictions of men, not me. When the Priests would burn the incense, they would stand before the altar and as the smoke from Cannabis rose towards them, they would fan the smoke into their faces and would deeply inhale. I saw that is a vision. I was not even thinking about it. I was driving down the road in my car. But to you it would certainly be sin because your conscience convicts you. Paul said all things are lawful unto me. When Yeshua said not to drink to excess, he was talking about alcohol, not Cannabis. You have just put the two together in your own mind because of your ignorance and your bias from a long tradition of blaming Cannabis and making it illegal. That never had anything to do with whether it was bad for you or not. Those were strictly economic issues. But the Devil has made it a BAD thing to the church because he does not want the Church to have its healing properties. He really wants men to suffer and the more we suffer, the more he likes it.

Instead, he had his minions create Pharmekia, which is witchcraft. The reason why it is witchcraft is because the root of witchcraft is manipulation. Manipulating what Hashem created into something man-made. That has been the thing that the Devil has done for six thousand years. Men, manipulate the substances that Hashem created to fix maladies and call it drugs. But in their manipulation, they tend to witchcraft. But Hashem created everything that we would ever need. We don't need their drugs. But we still suffer sickness and disease so, he gave us substances to counteract these maladies. There is a distinction between certain drugs. Ones where they clarify a substance to make it purer is OK. Like Penicillin. They took mold, a naturally occurring substance and concentrated it into antibiotics. Or I take IVIGG treatments that allows me to walk and not be paralyzed. That is a natural occurring Human Growth Hormone. They just concentrated it to make it more effective and removed impurities that were not necessary.

But when they manipulate substances, to try and make them something they are not, that is witchcraft. A good negative example of that is Viruses. There are not any naturally occurring viruses in nature. It is impossible for a virus to "Mutate" in nature like they keep claiming with Covid. All viruses were born in a lab at the hand of men. There was no such thing as viruses until in WWI, they started messing around with substances trying to make weapons of mass destruction. Prior to 1914, there was not ever a recorded case of a virus. There had been bacterial infections like Leprosy, but no one ever got the flu. Then in 1914, the Spanish Flu was released by the antichrist cabal to spur people to buy their medicine. Every virus ever made known, came from a lab and not from nature. Hashem never created any viruses. We do not realize how deep is their corruption and their greed. Their gods are Satan and Money. They consider us as cannon fodder to serve them. To enrich them. To make their lives easier at the expense of our own. Covid was made in a lab. Fauci conducted “Gain of Function” studies at Ft Dietrick in Maryland for the US Army. When Obama saw the potential for a Pandemic, he outlawed all such research on US soil. Fauci, then went to Wuhan and enlisted the CCCP to complete his research. When they had completed their task, the Chinese, with the FULL support of the DNC and Nancy Pelosi, purposefully released the virus and sent it by air to every corner of the globe. But why did they do that??

Because as early as 2015, Fauci, Gates and Jeffery Epstein had been working in Fauci's lab to create a mind control substance. Epstein was into Eugenics. A hybrid Human, that would be stronger and faster and smarter than normal. Fauci does not care what the project is as long as he gets glory, fame and fortune. But Gates, he is pure evil. After they had created this substance, they tested it out on people. Originally the goal had been to dumb down the will of people, make them more susceptible to manipulation. Loss of free will. But when they conducted their studies, they found that 100% of people who took it died within three years. That is when the plan changed from one of mind control to one of mass extinction. That is why they had to take Epstein out of the picture. Whether they actually killed him, or he is just in hiding I do not know, but they had to take him out because his goals were not mass genocide and he fought them on this. But they had a real dilemma. How do you get people of the world to take their substance?? Because most people will not ingest things if they don’t know what it is. It is a self-preservation function within all of us. So, I believe it was Fauci, who said “I know let’s create another virus in my lab and then release it. Then we tell people this substance we created is a “Vaccine” against that virus.”

So, they took an existing virus and began “Gain of Function” principles to make it do what they wanted. They couldn’t use Ebola because that could kill them. No, they needed one that would make you really sick, but not kill you. So, they took a SARS virus and manipulated it until it became way more infectious. Covid will not kill anyone. It was engineered that way. But they made it so that you would wish you were dead. So much so that you would willingly take their “Vaccine.” Unless, you had a co-morbidity. An underlying condition which made you more susceptible to the Virus. What kills people with Covid, is that the Super Cytokines of our immune systems, comes out to do battle, but they cannot tell the difference between good cells and bad ones so, they will damage the lungs especially. It is a massive immune response. But they will not come out unless you were already sick with something. The normal Cytokines can usually handle the job.

They knew all this starting out. That is how evil these people are. Fauci is the greatest mass murderer of all time. But because the DNC loves him, they protect him. He brought what they believe will keep them in power through mind control forever. What they do not know, is that the goal has changed. They signed on when it was a mind control project. Now that it is mass extinction, they were not told about that. But why would the Elites want this?? Because in their greed and arrogance, they believe they are entitled to all the resources of the world. But they need servants to keep their house, build their cars and watches and service their needs, but at the same time use as little resources as possible and obey them without question. Enter One Billion Chinese!! Industrious, hardworking, obedient, conservative lifestyle and they never complain. The perfect servants. But the rest of us they have no need of and further, hate the fact that we have minds of our own. Therefore, they will make their “Vaccine” mandatory. They want everyone, especially in America to die. And if it were not for me and the rest of the 144,000, they would get away with it. Most people do not even know what they are doing. Much less know how to fight against them.

But I do and that is why I know all this information. I did not get it out of any book, not on-line and not from any person. Hashem has instructed me face to face. And I know what to do about it. In 40 months, all the Antichrist cabal will be dead. Their influence and power will be no more!!! But the remnant of those who love God will remain. One is taken and one remains. 50% of all people will perish, but 50% will remain on the earth to continue into the Millennium. At the end of which, Yeshua will return to earth with the Father within him. All the Angels, the Eldres in heaven and all of the dearted Saints come back with him. Literally Heaven comes to earth. The New Jerusalem comes down out of Heaven to the earth. That habitation of the Holy Ghost. And we shall live in his presence forever. That is Heaven folks. That is Heaven!!! Like Comment Share

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