I want to make this very clear so there is no misunderstandings about this whole Covid thing. I know for a fact that the CCP released this virus on purpose in collusion with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party. It was a real virus and they did it on purpose. But you have to understand something. They are not insane. They were not about to release something that was truly deadly like Bubonic plague or something that could not be controlled. That was not the purpose of the release. What good would it have done if it wiped out the population of China and the rest of the world. No, they had more sinister methods in mind. So they chose a virus that was just about like the regular flu. But it was not anywhere as near deadly as the democrats and their paid "Experts" maintained. They in context with their paid miscreants of the Main Stream media blew it completely out of proportion, saying 2 million people would die and they needed to lock down the country without one shred of science to back it up. Fauci had funded the lab in Wuhan. he knew exactly what virus to use to bring the most scare tactic to the masses. He wrote a paper in 2015 explaining the HCQ, Hydrochoriquin HCI had shown marked evidence to stop the Coronavirus in its tracks. But when it came time he denied its efficacy and told everyone that it was witches brew. All of this has been a hoax and they knew what they were doing and they did it on purpose. But you ask why?? Why would sane people do such a thing?? Because of Power and money. Lots of money. Prestige and celebrity. Very shallow people who have no morals or care for their fellow man. Further they did it to destroy the one man they could not control, Donald J. Trump. They did it to weaken our economy. One of the best economies in the history of the world. They did it to weaken us so that the CCP could have their way in America. To take us down and out us in our place so China could take our position in the world. Wicked people always lust for what they themselves are not smart enough or talented enough to make on their own so they steal it!! They lie, they cheat and they steal. And they follow their own bellies and their father the devil himself. This virus was devised and constructed in the lab in Wuhan to depopulate the elderly and the weak members of our society. To make the virus look more deadly they inflated the death tolls across the board. They called every death no matter what as Covid which used to be due to the flu, pneumonia, cardiac events, strokes, accidents etc, etc... Because if you look at the numbers from 2019 and 2020 and they are almost identical total number of deaths. And they incentivized the hospitals to classify them as Covid because they got automatic rates from the feds if they did. And Doctors were pressured to call every death as Covid. The media took all these things and built it into a fear crusade to paralyze anyone who used their God given brain to question their BS. We have been lied to. The democrats and the liberal elites have used all this to take away your jobs, your businesses, your family, your friends, your very life all out of fear!!! And most of all our freedoms. Mini tyrants came out of nowhere to deny us our basic rights as Americans all in the name of safety and we like sheep allowed them to do it. Shame on all of us!!! Please get this into your mind. They cannot make us all comply if we refuse their control over us. We just have to say NO!!! The time has come to tell them to shove this unproven vaccine up their you know what and get back to work and get our businesses open and thriving again. Stop allowing them to keep us separated from each other. That weakens us as human beings. Get the children back in school and if the teachers won't teach then fire the lot of them now!! Yes, some people will still get sick but this is not a pandemic. They lied to us from day one. There are treatments like HCQ that are proven safe and effective. very few need to die, but because of their fight against treatments that even Fauci knew were effective they have murdered our friends and loved ones by denying them the treatments that work. Because if they did work then they could not make trillions of dollars off of an unproven vaccine. In 1976 then President Ford ushered in a very similar vaccine for the flu and because I was in the Army I was not given any choice and had to receive it. Then three days later I forgot my shot records and they made me get it again. Then about 10 years ago, I started having some neurological symptoms. nothing major, but they steadily grew with each year until I became totally paralyzed from the waist down for four years. In a wheelchair. I developed an auto-immune disease called CIDP. Which is a chronic form of Gionne Beret, a kissing cousin to MS. I recently found out that many men my age who were in the Army back then have developed the same disease. Now they have tied it to that vaccine that I received twice in 1976. We have no clue what the long term effects of this new unproven and virtually untested vaccine will do to us. The people that have perpetrated this hoax against us should be fired, prosecuted and imprisoned. It is time that we as American citizens took our freedoms back from these petty tyrants. I cannot say it any more simply than this!!! Stop being afraid. No good thing comes from fear. And if you believe in God it is a sin to live in fear. As part of their plot they have tried to keep the faithful out of our churches. But bars and dens of sin are perfectly acceptable. What has this country become?? I am begging you all to come to your senses. Stand up on your two legs and walk out your life. I am very sorry for the lives which have been lost but most of them are murders in my book. I will not wear a mask. I will not socially distance. I will not fear my family and my neighbors. I will not comply with their orders. I will be free!!

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