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I am going to shut the mouths of all these tyrants, and I am going to drive them clear out of Africa. I promise you that. Then I am going to set up my orphanages throughout the land and open my own schools, hospitals and clinics and they will all be free. You do not need all those offices as all they do is make your life difficult and charge you all your money to do it. I will provide needed services for free. I will give you food to eat and water to drink and you will have need for nothing. YWHY has hand trained me for 37 years to do this. I know what I am doing, so just have a little faith you will see. But if you take that JAB, you will die and then you will be damned for all eternity. See all anyone saw was the tribulation. What they did not see was how God was already making provision for all his children. An even better provision than the world could ever offer. So how are we going to come up with all this money??

Simple, I am building Hybrid Power Plants that produce Electrical power and Hydrogen fuel using garbage already spread out and buried all over the place. There is enough to last for the 1,000 years. And I will sell the excess. And I worked telecom for 30 years. I am going to build a really fast and reliable broadband network across Africa. And sell excess capacity. Then we are going to start manufacturing everything we need and selling the excess to everyone else. And because I am King if anyone in Africa wants rain, they will have to come to me for my blessing. But I will not give it unless they bring me gold and silver and platinum, rubies diamonds and emeralds etc... But I am not going to do what every wicked man has done before me and hoarded it all unto himself, including every ministry on earth, but mine. Because I am going to re-distribute it all back to the common man. And pay for all expansions of water projects, good roads and bridges, whatever is needed to turn Africa into the beautiful place that it deserves to be, and all the people be free and prosperous.

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