Come, Oh Africa!!

Throughout my Christian walk and I only call it that because that is a phrase that most people understand. Is that I am now finding that most of what I thought or did was sponsored by the Holy Ghost. There were lots of things that I just seem to inherently know somehow. Now I am seeing that it all make sup a whole. I did not plan it that way it has just happened. The Bible says the the "Steps" of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord. I see that now, so clearly and concisely. God has been ordering my steps my whole adult life. He saw what he wanted to accomplish and spurred me on unto his perfect will for my life. Somehow I ended up with a ministry to Africa and I didn't even know why. It was just in my heart and now I see and understand the why. I think God has a huge sense of humor. That is because he is sending me, a white man to deliver Africa. The Royal Black Hebrew descendants from the dispersion in 70 AD after the destruction of Jerusalem were dispersed down into the top of Africa from Egypt and Ethiopia, across to Ghana. I have been to Ghana twice, now. And I did not even know why God was sending me there. It was just in my heart and circumstances bore it out. They ended up in Ghana. I stated just out of the blue about two years ago that I had to go to Ghana to find the lost tribe of Judah. I didn't know why I was saying it. I was just making a statement and it was based upon faith. Not education. God is now sending me back to Africa. This is my 3rd trip and this time I am going to retrace the steps of the refugees as they integrated into African society. Here is something else that I just discovered and this one is by education. EVERY Black person in America are the descendants of the Royal Tribe of Judah!!! But most of them have been deceived by the fake White Jews. Those who say they are Jews, but are of the House of Satan. They have enslaved the people just like they did with physical slavery 400 years ago. Except now they have enslaved with Islam and the entertainment and cultural system. Most today are slaves and don't even know it!!! The Democrats have done more to enslave blacks than any other peoples, but because they turned to giving them free stuff making it look like they were helping them, they have voted for the Dems. Never realizing that they are still being enslaved by them and they are getting rich off the backs of black men and women. WE are being enslaved by debt, fear, sickness as they push their fake "Vaccine" on us. we are despised by the elites and they see us as nothing more than slaves to work for pennies for their benefit without benefits, or any chance at a retirement. And yet they keep voting for them to get free stuff, but its not even free. Someone has to pay for everything. What we need right now is Elohim, who delivers us from slavery!!! I am coming to Africa with the express purpose to bring Elohim, who is going to deliver his Royal Black Tribe from all bondage and poverty. And we are brought near unto God by the Blood of Yahusha, the Lamb of God. One man from the many!!! But God is drawing his own first, then the rest of us. Black man, do you know who you are?? That is why the Dems are trying so hard to remove any History out of our schools. They do not want anyone to see who they are. Their identity. Do you know you are of the Royal and Kingly Tribe of Judah and direct descendants of King David??? Why do you suffer so and turn to those who are the reason for your enslavement (Islam)??? I have information. Enlightenment, power and authority to restore all things to God's people. All these leaders are leading you astray and lying to you. These Pastors do not care about you. You are but sheep to their slaughter for food. That is why they ride you so hard for tithes. These men do not seek God. That are caught up in literal fantasy and false doctrine but they have enticed you with their promises of going to heaven if you followed them, not even knowing what the true plan of God was...I say, come unto me, all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you for my yoke is easy and my burden is lite. And you will find rest for your souls.

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