China Attacks the US!!

We are so blind today. Half this country believes the lying Media, even though they have been proven to be blatantly biased and caught repeatedly in major lies. But they suck it all up and this forms the basis for their reality. Because of what has transpired since November 3rd, a lot of us now are either coming or are already fully awake and aware of what is really going on behind the scenes. In this light I want to expose something about China today. If you have any interest whatsoever in truth, then you need to watch Mike Lindell's new documentary that outlines further proof of China's hack into our elections last year and the damage that was done. The CCP put Joe Biden in the White House. WE, the people did not. The election was taken from us by a foreign country. There are now three separate investigations, all independent, which have all concluded beyond any reasonable doubt that China did take what was not theirs, by subterfuge in the largest cyber attack in world history. Because of the drivel that we have been fed by the Media and even the current Government, we were led to believe that China was just trying to find its way in the modern world and eventually would join the West and we would all live happily ever after. But that is a fallacy and a lie sown by the CCP itself. They are operating out of the doctrine conveyed in the Art of War, written like in the 1300's. When Nixon went to China in 1973, the west rejoiced thinking that China would now come out of their darkness and join the rest of the world to everyone's benefit. That was way far from the actual truth. The Chinese Government saw that trip as an opportunity to use their doctrines for world domination and the destruction of the West. Nixon only opened the door to them and gave them the keys to carry it out. They had been looking for a way to destroy the West and now they had it under the guise of friendship. That's how far back this goes. They have never deviated and the Chinese have a very long memory and their purpose is for the long haul. A way of thinking that Westerners cannot even begin to comprehend. Every move they have made since 73 has been calculated and carried out with an insane level of efficiency. They are true zealots and committed to their cause. They set out to take us by killing us from the inside out without firing a shot!!! They set out to infiltrate all of our institutions and turn them to being favorable to the CCP. Education, finance, real estate, Hollywood, business. You name it they have spent the last 40 years carrying out their plan. When the CCP in collusion with the US Democratic party released the virus to the world and sent carriers who were infected to every part of the world before they were shut down, it had been well planned and executed with precision. But the target was the USA. The only reason they sent it to the rest of the world was to get it to America without being accused of launching a bio weapon at the US which would have meant immediate war. That is what they are desperately trying to avoid and still accomplish their goal!! I recognized this almost right away. I knew that when they did that, we should have loaded up every bomber we had and blew Beijing into oblivion. It was and still remains an act of war!!! But that wasn't even the only shot they have taken in this war. They then took our election. They took our sovereign rights away from us to install their bought off puppet in power. This works right along with their doctrine. The only solace that I have is I am not the only one who sees this and the truth is going to come out. The only question is what are we going to do about it. If we do not stop them and RIGHT NOW!!! We are toast. And I fear that the only solution is to bomb them back into the stone age. But these attacks warrant the defending of our country from this incursion. Because very soon they will attack us right here at home and we will be ill prepared to defend ourselves, just how we have not reacted to their attacks until now!!! And everything in the woke, cancel culture movement by the left is to keep us looking at that instead of the true threat!!!!!!! Its all a ruse. The Democrats could give a rat's ass about black people. They have proved that for the last 50 years. All this crap and riots are just diversionary tactics and we have got to wake up and smell the roses. Your very life and the lives of your children and grandchildren are under the threat of death or enslavement and all we are concerned about is if we eat McDonald's or Wendy's. I do not know how to say this any more clearly. "I am the Watchman on the Wall." Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Make his path straight!!

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