Ceation vs. Formation:

The Lord ("EL") Elohiym did not create the earth. Elohiym (Bad) without "EL" did. "EL" (The self-existant one who rules over all Elohiym,) formed man in chapter 2. And then planted a garden in Eden. There he made all the animals and caused all the plants to grow and then placed his man that he had made in the garden and told him to tend it. "EL" did not create (Which means to turn, by implication to make a mirror of something that already exists.) the heavens or the earth. The sun, moon, and stars. And he did not take a construct of seven 1,000 year days either, because "EL" is timeless and has no need for a sun, as he is the light of the world. Elohiym means plural, magistrates and Angels. Lucifer and his fallen Angels created the earth in seven days. And it was a shadow and a mirror of what "EL" had made. They created us in their image and told us to subdue their creation. The plants they created were aggressive species that dispalced th eplants th e"EL" had made. And the animals they created were the carniverous dinosaurs that ate the animals which "EL" had made and their men were cavemen, who lived in caves and were savages.

The entire natural construct in which we live, was created by them, for their own purposes. To usurp man's authority and place in the heavens and to use men as food for the Demons who left their heavenly estate to come to earth and have sex with the daughters of men. Sin entered the world through seduction and adultery. The word woman means Adultress. That is because Eve was seduced by the Serpent and then she seduced her husband. Who compromised his faith in order to please his wife, instead of obeying "EL" We were never supposed to procreate or create life through sex between a man and a woman and the whole natural order of two equal sets of chromosomes, (of 23 each) that MIX to create life. Elohiym created us male and female. Because we fell and became flesh, "EL" gave us permission to have marital relations, but only inside of marriage, but that was not his perfect will. His perfect will was to make and form a man out of the elements of the earth and then blow his breath into man so, he would become a living soul. He did it once, and he could have kept on making us this way. But we chose the Serpent over "EL" and we have been dying ever since. It is the mission of the Sons of God (144,000) Elohiym (Good) to redeem all creation from its bondage to decay (Death itself) and bring the entire creation into the glorious liberty of the Sons of God. (Romans Chapter Eight)

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