Blowing a Trumpet in ZION:

All a lockdown does is to make you weaker and more susceptible. See, they have twisted things to make it look like it is a resurgence of the Pandemic. Any money spent would be far better spent on immune boosters than masks, gloves, and testing kits. Because Covid is just not that deadly, normally.

The proof of that is that the annual death rate between 2019 and 2020 was the same. That means that during a supposed Pandemic, no more people died before the Pandemic, than during it. How is this possible?? I mean, you would think if all these people were dying of Covid, that the death rate would spiral upwards at a steep rate. But it did not, and numbers do not lie.

So, everything that they have done in the last year and even now was all a lie. They created a pandemic where there was none. Just to scare the crap out of everyone and to make us allow them to make sweeping changes to take away our freedoms, all in the name of Covid. And their plan has worked flawlessly. But now, it is time that we woke up and smelled the roses.

Here is what actually happened. In 2015, Dr. Fauci published a paper in the Journal of infectious diseases, claiming that HydroxyChloroquine, (HCQ) was an exceptionally good medicine that showed great promise, in not only curing all types of Covid viruses, but also was effective in keeping you from getting Covid if you were exposed to it. Dr. Fauci and his team, by denying that HCQ worked effectively and telling the world not to use it, and lying to the world, makes him one of the worst mass murderers in all of history. Yet, he is up front every day smiling and acting like he is some kind of savior. He got fame and fortune while he plotted the murders of more than a million souls.

Dr. Fauci and his organization had been doing research at the Ft. Dietrick Lab in Maryland. The research was focused on taking natural occurring bat viruses and making them way more infectious and to make it more devastating to our Pulmonary System. They wanted a weapon. But Obama got cold feet when he saw how dangerous this new virus could be so he banned all such research in the US. Fauci knew exactly what he was doing and just moved the research to the Lab in Wuhan, China, where they had no such prohibitions.

With Fauci's money from the NIIAH Institute and his direction, they changed what normally was an obscure virus into one that was very contagious and caused really bad symptoms. But they did not engineer it to kill people. Only to make them suffer really badly and to have respiratory problems. Now, a sane person might want to know why they would do something like this. Well, the answer to that, gets really creepy and bizarre.

Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein had formed a partnership and worked together on a common goal as early as 2015. Epstein’s gig was Eugenics. Changing human DNA into a hybrid that was part machine and part human. Thinking that doing so would make for better humans. Gates had a dream of population control and the rule of the Elites. Fauci was the go-to guy for money for research, and the technology to make it happen. Through their work together, they perfected, (they thought) a serum that used Luciferian technology to mutate human DNA into Hybrid DNA. And once done, could not ever be undone.

But they had a big problem with deploying it. How would they get people to be willing to take this potion and live with the aftereffects? Because, if they told people what it was, they knew it would be really hard to get people to take it willingly. And by the way, 100% of the people who have ever taken this potion during trials have died within 2-3 years. They never told anyone that!! But seeing as how this was Bill Gates' goal all along, to thin out the population, they went forward knowing full well what the eventual outcome would be.

So, they had this potion ready to be mass tested and needed a plan that would give them what they wanted. So, probably Fauci came up with a plan, whereby they would artificially create a Pandemic and really scare everyone with "certain death". They used the Government and their lap dogs, M.S. Media, to make sure that everyone on the face of the planet knew there was this disease called Covid and if you got it you would die. Hyped that up to the max. But it was all a lie. There never was any Pandemic. They created it in the minds of the people that this thing would KILL YOU!!

But really, all Covid does is make you really sick and make you wish you were dead. Unless you had a weakened immune system. 100% of everyone who has "Died" so far from Covid, did so because they were immunocompromised. That is why the death rate remained flat between 2019 and 2020. Because, the same people who would have died from the flu, died from Covid instead. And even the experts will tell you that the flu, completely disappeared in 2020. The pharmacies in this country did not sell one bottle of Tamiflu in all of 2020. That was because anyone who got sick, it was always Covid. Tamiflu is specifically to relieve the symptoms of the flu virus.

See, what they do is to manipulate how information is fed to us and seeing as how they control it, they can convince us of anything they want. So, now the plan further was orchestrated in that now because there was a Pandemic that was really "Deadly" we all needed a "Vaccine" to save us all from Covid. This was how they were going to get everyone to willingly take their potion. By calling it a "vaccine" everybody, would need a shot for the human race was to survive. So, now they had a way for everyone to take their potion. The Covid-19 Vaccine was not developed in response to Covid. No, it was created way before the Pandemic was ever heard from. Probably as early as 2017. The Pandemic was just an excuse to justify taking this crazy potion. But what is the potion anyway??

It does not meet any of the criteria for a vaccine and therefore the CDC will not call it a vaccine. If you read the Patents filed over Covid by Gates, Epstein, Dr. Fauci and others, you begin to see that it never was a vaccine, but a tool for complete mind control and manipulation. They are trying to rewrite human DNA to accept Nano-Bot technology to be carried into the DNA strand using Messenger RNA and aborted fetal tissue to re-write the code of the one thing that makes us who we are. Human DNA. The mRNA is the programming language they used to reprogram the structure of the DNA. The vehicle to get the Bots there where they can do their work is the aborted Human fetal tissue. Once the Bots get to the DNA strand it bonds with the DNA and it cannot be undone ever. The reason why they have done all of this is because those bots can be rewritten at will. They do not do anything for Covid and that is why people still get it even after the shot.

Their plan is to control those bots, from a Quantum AI Supercomputer. Then to use 5G technology and the Internet of Things to have real-time control over those bots. And What Those bots do, is to make one lethargic and compliant. It removes the ability to think straight and basically when fully deployed will turn humans into automatons. Human robots that can be programmed at will by the Luciferian race of people, or to put it another way, the antichrist spirit. If you take that FAKE "Vaccine" you are taking the "Mark of the Beast''!! That is the mark of the beastly system that wants to oppose God's natural order in creating a hybrid human. And that is exactly why he destroyed the world in the flood.

The "Watchers" came to earth and mated with Human Women and produced a hybrid Human, the Nephilim. That was so grievous to him, and it caused so much evil that it corrupted the whole creation. And God had no choice than to destroy it all. The Bible says that "as it was in the days of Noh, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man." Now, it has reappeared. The Devil's same work to corrupt God's creation. But this time he is going to burn them up with fire!!! He is going to destroy them from off the earth with a thorough cleansing that when done will all wickedness be destroyed and the Devil himself will be bound for 1,000 years.

But before that, the antichrist has been revealed. Because the one who stood in his way has been removed. That was President Trump. He is the one who kept Biden and the Dems from accomplishing their plans, but now that they have stolen an election by fraud, President Trump was removed for the antichrist to reveal himself. 100 days in office, dozens of Executive Orders, refusal of the Middle East Peace agreements and going off to make war against the saints of the "Most High". All of Joe Biden's policies are designed to interfere with the free worship of God. And he will make the "Vaccine '' mandatory as he has threatened to do many times and they will pass the Vaccine Passport to make sure you cannot buy, nor sell unless you have taken that "Mark" or JAB!! He fits perfectly if you know what to look for. Joe Biden is the antichrist!!

And this, is why they must continue the Charade. Because they are not done yet. They still need people to be afraid. They still need people to think that they need that shot. So, they create another variant. There is an upsurge. It is all a game to them. They literally laugh at us and mock us, that they can so easily manipulate us. And do not let them test you. Because that is how they make sure that you have been exposed to Covid. I find it extremely heinous that they expose you on purpose and call it a test. The one that is bad is the PCR test. That is the only one that anyone will accept now. It is the test that has the active virus contained in that swab. Theu put it right in the back, where it penetrates the blood/brain membrane. If you are already sick, do not worry about it, it is too late. But if you have not been tested, “Do NOT Let Them Test You!!” So, I am going to bring the fire of God to judge them. I have the power and the authority of almighty God. I have been sent and anointed to break the yoke of the antichrist. I will bind him and destroy the false prophet and the beast. Which is what I am doing right now with this piece. The more I expose him and what they are doing, the less power they will have over you.

It's time to wake up and smell the Coffee, my children!!!

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