Listen Up:

To all my followers, I have been looking at all the stats from my website today and I have discovered that you are not listening to me. This is bothersome to me because I am giving you the very words of life, manna from heaven and you are reading it and then immediately forgetting what manner of man that you are. And the reason that I am forced to post this to Facebook because I can see exactly who has logged into the site, where and when. You are not using the website as I instructed you to use as a primary source of teaching concerning the Kingdom of God that you will not find anywhere else. What good does it do to look into the face of God like in a mirror and then walk away and forget all about it?? If this word is not bringing about a transformation is your life then I speak in vain!! The time for doing the same old things is OVER!! We cannot continue on our sinful ways and expect God to move on our behalf. As an example, I received direct instruction from the Lord concerning why you are so poor and destitute. I then instructed you what to do to break this cycle so you could be free. Not one single one of you did what I said!! If you do not change your ways, then God is going to leave you right where you are right now. Are you afraid? Keep being afraid! Are you so poor you cannot feed your family?? Then keep doing the same and you will be broke until the day you die. I am NOT playing around here. God showed me how to break this cycle so you can be free AND BLESSED. To have favor with God and with men. But all of that is tied to obedience. And the longer you make excuses and resist the longer your suffering will continue. Now I know that some of you will say, "Yeah, but you are just trying to shame us into giving." No, that is NOT the case here. God has always met all my needs for 37 years now. Its not about me. This is about you and your deliverance form bondage. I don't know how else to frame this for you so that you will understand. All you are doing with your lame excuses is to hurt yourself and your family!!! You are not hurting me!! But because God has given me your lives, I do all that I can to help you find the right pathway. If you hurt, then I hurt. It really frustrates me and makes me sad. And I will say this. You do not have to sow into my ministry, other than you should sow wherever you are being fed. Just because you Pastor a Church or an Orphanage does not relieve you of the responsibility to give offerings with a joyful heart. But you are not teaching your people correctly and you allow them to lie to you and say they have nothing to give. That is an excuse and they use their poverty to base it upon. If you do not obey yourself and teach them to obey this cycle of poverty will NEVER be broken!!! And I am not saying that it has to be a lot. You must teach them to give out of their need so that God will bring an increase. He even provides seed to the sower. But when he does, what is the first thing we do?? We feed our faces and our family's faces and leave God to chuck wood!! You MUST give him his due FIRST!! He does not need your money. But what he does need is your obedience. Now here is what you need to do... Take a sacrificial offering. Fast for a time and take that money that you would normally spend on food and send it as an offering to my website. It is all set up. Go to the Donate page and make a contribution. God will then see that and will bless you above what you can even conceive of. And if you never stop doing that, he will never stop supplying whatever you need. He has unlimited resources. And stop looking to me to supply that need because I am not GOD!!! Every day you Pastors call or text me asking for my support. Well, here it is. Do this and you shall prosper. I promise by the word of the Lord!! If you do this and it doesn't work after you have given a reasonable amount of time, then come back to me and I will send you money. But remember, I can see if you have obeyed or not. I love you and God bless you. In the name of Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen.

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