Biden's America:

Biden is not even cognitively sufficient to have any clue. It is actually Obama running his 3rd term calling all the shots. And I already know how his Presidency turned out. A Christian hating, weaponized the DOJ caused more wars than anyone and left a horrendous mess for President Trump when he came into office. Why else do you think that Biden already had dozens of EO's ready to go his first week?? Because Obama had long practice on how to get his policies instituted. Trump had the most robust economy in history and the Democrats screwed that up in less than six months with their fraudulent Covid crisis and their plannedemic. It is pure evil what they have done and I am not some kind of conspiracy nut. That is actually what happened and if they are allowed to continue the charade, there won't be any country left in a year or two. We will all be slaves and the national death rate will skyrocket to unheard of levels. You watch, all these poor souls who take this "Vaccine" will start dropping like flies within the next two years as that recumbent RNA adheres to the DNA and permanent changes are made that cannot be undone, ever. I was inoculated in 1976, when I was in the Army, that was mandatory, with the Swine Fly vaccine that was developed in a rush and years later developed an auto-immune disease which eats my nerves. And has put me in a wheelchair paralyzed for the last four years. You actually think they know what the long term affects of this vaccine will be. A "Brand New" type that has NEVER been tested on humans that changes the RNA molecule within our DNA??? Good luck I say!!

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