Another Is Jesus God??

THE REASON WHY YOU CANNOT SEE WHAT John chapter one is actually saying is because you do not understand the purpose of creation. The "Why" God made us to begin with. The reason that you want to elevate Yeshua to the Godhead is that way you have an excuse for why you do not fulfill your destiny. If he is God, then we could never aspire to be just like him. That would be impossible. But the whole reason for creation was not so we could be saved or go to heaven. God declared his intent in the beginning. "Let us make man in our image, let us create him in our likeness." That is the purpose of creation. For us to become just like the "pattern" Son Yeshua Hamashiach, who became the only begotten of the Father and the first born among MANY brethren. Because he is a man that is full of the Spirit of the living God, he can therefore beget us to become children of the Father in equal standing as he is right now!! The key here and what separated him out initially was that he was born by the Holy Ghost and was therefore perfect and able to bear the sin of the world and that he received from the father the fullness of all God's attributes. But not as a God but as a man. Showing and proving to us that we could do the same thing. He literally made the "WAY" back to God for mankind. He learned obedience by the things that he suffered. He experienced all of our pain and struggles as humans so he would know our plight and become a perfect propituation for our sins. No one can ever take away from him what he did for us. And because he was obedient even to death upon a cross, God has placed him in the highest place with all power and authority in heaven and on the earth under him. But he said to us, if you will overcome your flesh just as I have, I will give you the RIGHT to sit with me in my throne and to rule and reign over the sons of men forever. We would become equal and co-heirs with him. But if you say Yeshua is God, then none of that is possible because a man can never be a God. These things are all written, but you must have the eyes of the Spirit to see them and understand them properly. Yes, the word was with God in the beginning and the word was God. But Yeshua did not possess the word UNTIL he came up out of the river Jordan after being baptized by John the Baptist. At that time he received both the Word and the Spirit of the Father. He did not exist until he was born in Bethlehem. You might say, "but that is only semantics!" But no there is an actual line of demarcation of the truth in this matter. You might say that I am a heretic, but I say you are teaching lies. 1/2 truths of things that you really do not understand properly. Why is it that "Christians" will believe most anything just because someone else tells them that is what it means?? You interpret scripture a certain way because you have a bias based upon what a teacher or preacher has told you it means. Did it ever occur to you that they may be wrong?? Not on purpose, but maybe because that is the way they were always taught!! I have studied this word intently for over 36 years. When I have questions I ALWAYS turn to the Holy Spirit to ask for clarification. He should know because he inspired its writing. And God has given me revelation knowledge of him and his word over these decades as I have walked out my salvation with fear and trembling before him. Every word that I speak has been vetted by the test of time by trials and tribulations and I have learned obedience by the things which I have suffered. We must put all enemies under our feet and the last enemy will be death. Until we do that our mission on planet earth is not complete. In order to do that we must follow in our eldest brother's footsteps and become not just in the image of God but also in his LIKENESS!!

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