And Again!!

Your theology is a little old school. Their is not a trinity. There is only ONE God. He shows his character through his Spirit. The Son was born by woman in a manger in Bethlehem as a man and did not become God-like until he was baptized of John at the River Jordan at 30 years of age. From then on he had the fullness of God's Spirit. He also walked under an open heaven. The father said, "This is my beloved Son, hear ye him. In him I am well pleased." He certainly was not referring to himself when he said that!! But in the beginning was the Father, his Spirit and his word. And those three are one. But Yeshua was not the word... only inhabited with the word and the Spirit after baptism. The word BECAME flesh and dwelt among men. The only begotten of the Father. But we are begotten by Christ as Sons of God in the same image and likeness of God himself. Herein is the secret of all time. WE are to become Christ in the earth. Because to him who overcomes gains the right to sit with Christ in his seat of authority and to rule and reign for all eternity. Rule who?? You might ask... The remnant of men who dwell on this planet earth. Men call this doctrine blasphemy, but NO, it was the plan of creation from the very beginning. Satan has twisted this into a doctrine that says Yeshua is God. The reason is because if he is God then we could not follow exactly in his footsteps and redeem all creation back to God. But he is NOT God. He was fostered by God's Spirit and a virgin conceived but he was a creation of God just like everything else, who walked in the completeness of God's will and purpose as a role model for us to emulate.

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