The Holy Ghost:

I have a question for you Pentecostals. Do you think God gave you the Holy Ghost just so you could speak in tongues??

The Holy Ghost fulfills many functions for us as believers. But one of the most important is so that we can through him overcome every single work of our flesh.

You say you want to go to heaven when you have not even completed why we were given such a gift in the first place.

Do you think God does anything 1/2 way??

Do you think he is going to take you to heaven if you have not completed the reason why you were born?? God is not mocked. As you sow, so shall you reap. Sow to the flesh and you shall reap corruption. That means dead and decaying in the ground. But sow to the Spirit and you shall have life everlasting.

Get your head out of your hinder parts and let us go on unto perfection. Unto a mature man.

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