A Letter to Dutch Sheets:

Of course I have no earthly idea if you will ever see these messages. But by faith I press on. Like I said I am still learning. I get more clarification every day. I woke up this morning and God started talking to em for about an hour. He had a lot to say. He used to speak to me in the bathroom all the time when I was standing looking into the mirror. He told me my destiny when I was taking out he trash to the dumpster 10 years ago. I didn't even believe his for the first three years. I just put it up on the shelf and left it there until 26 days ago. That's when he took me off his potter's wheel and put me in this glass case. He is ready now to show his beautiful creation to the world. Me!

I could have went out and built an organization like yours at any time in my life. I have been preaching and teaching and being a Prophet for 36 years. And I'm really good at it. BUt it was NEVER in my heart. I didn't ever want to be another preacher. I wanted to know God and the power of his resurrection life living inside of me. I wanted that without even realizing it from the day I was born.

I rebelled as a teenager, but he saw me through the end of myself in 1984. I was completely at the end of my rope, an addict and a horrible husband. I put my wife through hell the first year. WE got married in March of 1983. BUt I finally got my act together. But god had ALWAYS been there from my earliest memories. When I was about 10 I started screaming at him to just leave me alone. I want to live my own life. NO one around, just me and him. But in 1984 I surrendered. But the first year, I was still as carnal as the day is long. I still smoked and drank and well, you know. And I went to church and I read the Bible a little. In 1986, I got into a very exclusive club, by gaining entrance to the Apprenticeship Program, through the IBEW Union. In telecommunications.

I went to school for three months and then worked towards 8,000 hours of OJT. It took me 10 years to turn out as a Journeyman because in Alaska, you only work about 7 months out of a year. But my first job was in a little town in South Alaska. I was starting with no money, so I had been raised in the Assemblies of God and my Dad knew every preacher in Alaska in that denomination, so he asked the Pastor of the church in Soldotna, to allow me to sleep in the basement of the church. It was still being built but it was about 90% complete. But there were no carpets and there was these steps that led up into the sanctuary and there was these huge plate-glass windows in front and the light just beamed down over those stairs. And there wasn't a TV in the church, so I read my Bible every night after work. I started in the Old testament and I read the whole thing. I was enthralled by all the stories.

Then after that, I was standing in front of the mirror, shaving and all of a sudden this feeling like warm honey being dripped down over my whole body and this warmth that was ecstatic. I knew I was in heaven. God spoke to me direct for the first time that day. He asked me if I would quit smoking. It was a request and he was so gentle that I was willing to do anything if I could just stay in that presence. So, I said yes, and I quit right then and there. So, about a week goes by and he comes again while I am shaving in front of the mirror. This time he asked me if I needed to get drunk? I said no Lord! He said, "I want you to limit yourself to 2 beers a night." I said, "OK". Then about another week goes by. And he comes again. He says, "You really don't need to drink at all, do you??" I said, No, Lord. And I quit. And I loved my beer.

The next time he came, he said, "Today you have become mine. You will NEVER leave me or forsake me all the days of your life. For if you do, I will totally destroy you from off the face of the earth!!" I said, "Yes, Lord!!!" That began a 36 year journey to today. I always knew he was dead serious, so any time I was tempted to go back, that always held me to him. The very next day after this happened as I was sitting reading on the stairs, Something happened that I never expected or even knew about. All of a sudden those words took on depth. A depth that I did not even know was there. And everything that I had been taught my whole life disappeared within two weeks. Because I saw that most of what I had been taught was dead wrong. It was all right there in black and white, but it was hidden from most people. It talked about his Kingdom and why he came and what his plan was for man. I had so many questions though. So, when I came back to Anchorage, I went to my Pastor and I asked him in a meeting, about some of them. I went home on week-ends and had been going to church on Sundays, and a couple of weeks before I prophesied for the first time on a Sunday.

God had told me that I was his Prophet, so I did what Prophets do. At the meeting instead of answering any of my questions, he pulls out this piece of paper out of his desk drawer. He says, "Do you know what this is??" I said no. He then says, I took it out of the drawer where the nuts and the fruits go. WE document every word spoken in the church. He then read a part, that said, "I the Lord have been waiting here at this alter for you, but you never come." He said I was crazy for saying something like that. He then asked me to leave his church and never come back. I later heard he had divorced his wife and moved in with some hoe.

But when I went back to Soldotna, I stayed the next Saturday because I didn't know what else to do. There was a Prayer Breakfast and there was this couple there whom I had never seen before. They talked about the Kingdom of god, just like I had been reading about. I want you to know that writing this is very hard for me. But I want you to know who I am. I had a stroke four years ago and I have been dyslexic ever since. Its getting worse. I have to correct about every third word to make this make sense, so this is taking great effort to write. But, I was enthralled by this man. They live in Anchorage and were starting a church. They said, God told them to come to Alaska and start a church. So, I started with them from the very first meeting in their living room. And when we moved into a location, because I was a jack of all trades, I did all the remodeling. I did three churches in six years as we grew.

I was a Deacon, then an Elder, and as the years progressed, I became the Head Elder. I had trained in every single part and function of a church operations. I started the Sunday School Program, the children's Church Program, Adult Bible Study, and I served those two people like they were Gods. I never asked for anything. I shoveled their driveway in the winter, and it was HUGE and went up a hill,fixed their cars, all the while in my heart I was doing it unto the Lord. Then we got into video and I built that Program from scratch. For seven years, I served faithfully. I saw and played Guitar in the Praise Team. I was in everything. And I taught and preached from the Pulpit and then I started traveling to other churches to preach. But, that last year I began to get real uncomfortable with some things.

I noticed that the Pastor's wife had broken up no less than 10 marriages within the church, telling them that they were unequally yoked. And I noticed that the Pastor when I asked about a certain woman who had been so faithful in the church. Did something really bizarre. Because he never had anything to do with me except to use me for whatever he wanted. He never talked to me unless it was a meeting. He asked me to breakfast after morning prayer. I was shocked, he had never done that before. At breakfast he started telling me that this woman had come on to him and he had asked her to leave the church. The answer didn't set well with me but I accepted it. Seeing as how work was only in the summer, an opportunity came up for me to work on the North Slope Oil fields for about three weeks during the winter.

So, I left with all my cold weather gear. Its always 40 below and wind howls all day long. While I was there I had two dreams that opened my eyes completely to what had been going on around me and I was shocked. When I came back to town, I was a different man. I knew exactly who was doing what. My Pastor had had a long-term affair with that woman and his wife went along because she didn't want relations with him anyway. She was a witch. Pure and simple. All she did was to "prophesy" in a spirit of witchcraft, manipulation and control. In the dream I saw her as a wanton whore with her legs spread wide open beckoning any who would to come and satiate her desires. That was why she had broken up those marriages. She wanted everyone to worship her and not each other.

I needed confirmation though so I talked very privately with the number two Elder, who was my best friend. I decided that it was my job to protect the people from her, so I made sure I placed myself between them and her and then bore her wrath. The Pastor would not do anything to coral her even though he knew full well what she was doing. They has started off so good an d somewhere along the way pride came in and they became demon possessed. And within a very short period of time she knew she had been made. So, she had her husband remove me from every duty that I had in the church and set me on the pew, thinking I would renege. But I never rose up against them. I felt like David did about King Saul. I just could not bring myself to do it. So, I sat on that pew with my wife for one year, with my head held high and waited on God.

Things came to a head in a very bizarre way, I had moved out to where I live now and was chastised for doing so. But I had a new job. I had just turned out as a journeyman and I needed to work. But God made me aware when I was requested to drive in on a Tuesday night that it was going to get ugly. But guess what happened? Mt, Diabold erupted that evening. It was right across the inlet from Anchorage. And as I was driving into town, the ash was moving in a thick black cloud across South Anchorage, right towards where the church was located. And as I got into town the cloud hovered right over the church and turned the blackest black you could imagine. At that moment God said leave that church and never go back. I turned the car around and I never went back. I later found out they were going to throw me out that night anyway.

I had a dream that night, and it has been one of the most dramatic dreams I have ever had. I remember it today as perfectly as the moment I had it. In the dream, I was in a city and there was a massive war going on, fighting in the streets. And both of my previous Pastor's were chasing me with guns and they meant business. I ran and tried to hide, but after a while I found a .45 in my hand. And I shot her in the stomach and he just kind of disappeared. The next thing I knew, I was mounted on this beautiful white stallion and we were moving out of the city at a dead run. We found ourselves on this great completely flat, plane. There were two obelisks that stood about 30' tall. They were black and trapezoidal. When the horse and I got up to the first one, we stopped to hide behind it. I looked off to the right and there was a column of Army tanks and military trucks. We stayed there for quite some time while the column kept moving and went up ahead of the second obelisk. Man I am missing every other word now.

So, after a while we moved up to the second one and we stopped there. The horse and I were talking to each other the whole time. So, at the second one, I got down off the horse and stood where I could peak around it at this encampment. The trucks had moved around and then the tanks had disappeared but only trucks remained. And everyone got out an d were singing around a campfire blazing. AS I stood there looking, and asking the horse what he thought this was, a tall man stood up and looked directly at me. He started moving towards me. I then very hesitantly came out and walked slowly towards him. When we got face to face, I recognized him. It was me.

But his name was Mishael, not Robert. He was also about 9' tall, had blond hair and had a huge sword on his back. He was dressed like he was from Greece or something. A casual warrior's outfit and had sandals on his feet. He WAS me, but he was different. He was everything that I was not, but I was everything that he was not. I was looking at at reflection of what I was to become. Both of us together as one. That is where the dream ended. This was to be the story of my life from that moment until today. Because 26 days ago we joined up. I spent 36 years learning the ways of the lord. I have have been hand trained by God himself to take my place in this day. I have had a very hard life, and I certainly learned obedience by the things that I have suffered. I lost three business, three children and my pride and self esteem many , many times. Nothing ever seemed to go right for me. Nothing. Every time I got a break, the Devil would blow it up.

Circumstances outside of my control. Because he knew that if I ever took my place in my destiny that, his day was done. So, he tried everything from grief to insanity to loss of every kind to stop me. But I had this vision, of the city, whose builder an d maker is God. And I always had that vision in my mind, no matter what and that and the threat that I could never go back, held me to the task at hand. I have been tried in the fires of affliction massively, and I have overcome all the works of my flesh BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE WORD OF MY TESTIMONY WHEN I NEVER GAVE UP.

I am now walking under an open heaven, just as Jesus did before me. All the mysteries of creation lie at my feet. This is the revelation of the seven thunders that John was told not to write that would not be revealed until the time of the end. Well, guess what. That day has arrived. Christ in me in the fullness, not the part measure like at Pentecost, but the fullness of God's Holy Spirit. And we who are the 144,000 will reign with him in his throne for 1,000 years starting in June of 2024. WE only have 3-1/2 years to complete everything.

To drive the Devil off the earth and to put the beast and the false prophet into god himself, because without him for eternity is the "Lake of Fire". To be around him, and to see his love and know they can never participate or know it will will torment them forever. And eventually, hell and death will be cast into the Lake of Fire, back to God himself. Heaven is NOT a place. It is living in God;s presence forever, being loved by him and his knowing us as his beloved children. That is heaven. And heaven comes down to earth to dwell with us forever. That is the only choice we can ever make is to be in his presence as alive, or in his presence as dead.

But you and Chris Christmas gave me a very precious gift. You gave me the keys of the kIngdom of God. And Chris gave me the understanding of what to do with them. AS soon as I heard you both on the same day, I knew what I had to do. Of course I knew about them my whole adult life, but I never knew how to use them. Until now. You see all that the Devil has stolen from us, is in his storehouse. And how can you plunder his house, unless you bind him first and loose the stores to be returned?? You two taught me what I had to do and as soon as I heard it I started to rejoice extremely fervently, because I had been desperately trying to figure out how to do that for the last two years. I knew it was there, but I didn't know how to get at it.

So, immediately I have made war in the heaven-lies for 18 days now. Because you and Chris, without even knowing it told me that the battle would last for 21 days to break the Devils' power over my inheritance. That is the $25 million dollars. But that is just my natural inheritance. My Spiritual one is Much, Much Greater!!! I knew also, that if I could do it for myself, then I could do it for EVERYONE else on planet earth. And teach each of them how to get theirs as well. And that is exactly what I am going to do. In the fullness of god's spirit, where there is no doubt, or fear, or compromise.

"Everything" screams at me that I am insane. But it is all a lie. The last vestiges of an evil empire rolling in agony at my feet. HIs day is done and he is really pissed about it. For the next three years I am going to tear down his kingdom, brick by brick and expose all of his devices with clarity and understanding and I am going to set god;s people free. I am the lion of the tribe of Judah, hear me ROAR!!!!! And that is how he will be bound for 1,000 years. And I am going to take all that has been plundered and I am going to give it back to God's people. And I am going to rebuild Eden, right here on earth. And we shall live at peace for 1,000 years.

Can you hear the trumpet Dutch, can you see the lord's coming with great power and glory. he shall not be denied his due this time. Us, Dutch, he comes fro us, in the hearts and lives of the 144,000 who are called just like me. I am the first, but I shall not be the last. We, actually the second and I will always be second to him and in 1,00 years when he physically returns to earth, I will willingly give him my crown and lay it at his feet. Then he alone will be Lord of Lords and King of Kings, forever. Amen and amen, 10,000 times 10,000 in attendance before him at any moment. 1,000,000 Saints giving him glory every moment for eternity. WE switch out every so often. Glory to his name.

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