3 Parts Make a Whole!!

God has given me a vision to fundamentally change how we create and store energy in this country. Right now an awful lot of our power grid is susceptible to outside threats. It is inefficient and is old in many parts. Any energy that is created that is not used in real time is lost forever. The move towards renewables as demonstrated in California are the very reasons why they have power outages and blackouts. All these solar panels generate power all day but when night falls without significant backup from coal, or gas or nuclear, there is no way to create more power until sunrise the next day. To try and eliminate all fossil fuels just like that do not work. Batteries for the grid can work, but it would take the next 100 years or so to back up the whole grid, so that won't work. But H2 or Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the entire universe. Everything is made out of it. And it contains more BTUs of power per metric volume that oil products. It does not pollute, its only by-product is water vapor and oxygen. The only reason that it has not been able to be in mainstream use before now is that it takes electricity and an expensive catalyst to break the bonds of H2 and oxygen. It comes most readily from sea water. And the cost to do this has not been as cheap as fossil fuels. Now, there are many new technologies on the horizon that will change this paradigm and bring the cost to at or below so it can be brought into the present as a real solution. The thing about H2 is that it does not need to be created in a centralized location. Let's say you buy a H2 fueled vehicle. All the fuel dealer has to do is to put up a wind generator and solar panels and it can be created in real time as needed to fuel vehicles. Fueling usually takes about as much time as filling your gas tank. But again the equivalent of a full tank is not quite double what it is for gas. This price will come down! Power generation can be created using this fuel and generated by a commercial fuel cell. Because H2 can be stored in tanks and be distributed through the existing natural gas pipelines and distribution networks, it will both create electricity and provide a clean fuel for cooking and heating. But because the power is stored in tanks, it can be used throughout the night and day as needed. meaning that we will not be reliant to when the sun shines or not. Now many of these technologies are coming, but it takes decades to develop and test and bring to market new concepts created in the lab. However, there is one technology that is just about ready for commercialization that will produce green power free of pollutants and carbon freeing properties. That is H2 produced by gasification. Anchorage has done a feasibility study to take all the trash that is created and instead of placing it into a landfill and wasting all the bound up energy in it. A traditional "Waste to Energy" process builds a $400 million power plant that burns the trash in a furnace and uses the heat to heat water into steam which pushes a turbine to create electrical power. Only problem is that it pollutes a lot in the form of nitrates which come from the nitrogen gas in our atmosphere. These gases are highly restricted and must be monitored with stations around the plant to constantly monitor the air. That increases the cost and the negatives associated with this technology. And that is not even considering the cost of building the power plant. Gasification is a totally different technology. It creates power once again with trash and waste plastic or old tires and 'Burns" them in a controlled reactor that is devoid of Nitrogen. The temp within the reactor is raised to 4,000 degrees and the waste is instantly turned into a vapor that is called Syngas. Its is a kissing cousin to natural gas but is cleaner. But at the top of this reactor, the first thing the heat does is to turn that gas into H2. It is then syphoned off and goes through a cleaning and polishing process that will produce thousands of Kilograms of pure Hydrogen each day. The remaining Syngas can be used to power a typical generator just like what they use in commercial power plants. And the cost to do all this is about 1/10th the cost of a polluting plant. $40-65 million each plant. No nitrates, no monitoring stations, all the same power generation and lots and lots of pure, clean Hydrogen. At a price that will compete directly with natural gas and any other method of power generation. It can be stored and used as needed in Microgrids, or can be in a centralized power system. Always available and clean to boot!! There are currently four companies who are perfecting this technology right now. I want to build one right here in Cook Inlet for a test bed and go into full construction nationwide within five years. And even though I despise the Biden administration, I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the feds finance the whole thing. I am looking for people who have vision who can see the value of what I see and want to get involved. Either as investors or as principle operators with me. This can be done. Even better it will be done. We are going to form Public/Private Partnerships with Municipalities across this nation. But I need everyone's support. Traditional wisdom is hard to overcome. The people who are in control of the Waste to Energy project in Anchorage have been sold a bill of goods. They are bound and determined to continue down this path and cost you the tax payers for their folly. You deserve clean reliable energy, but you should not have to accept a sub-standard solution that costs 10 times what it should. Please call the city. Talk to your representatives. Ask them for their support. My name is Robert Crandall and I am the CEO of Godfire Energy Corporation. My email is Thank you.

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