Our vision is to usher in the Kingdom of God on earth. We do not seek to "escape" from all the challenges in our lives, but to over-come them and walk as citizens of the Holy City of God, for all eternity.

Our current focus is to speak the Gospel of the Kingdom wherever there is an open door. The gathering together of the Saints is not accomplished by meeting in a physical building, but is spread throughout the entire world as a corporate body who meet together in the Spirit of God, the way that he intended it to be. 


We are a church of the Fist Born of God, Jesus Christ. But we are the second born as Sons of Most High God. This is called the "High Calling" of God in Christ Jesus.

We are actively seeking like minded individuals to take their place along side their brethren to pull the plow together. To labor together to fulfill the will of our master. He is calling to anyone who will, come unto me.


Bishop Mishael, otherwise known as Robert Crandall is our leader. He goes by Mishael because that is the name that God gave him that was not known to anyone else until he published it about a year ago.. He has written two books and has two more ready to start writing. He has been an ordained Minister and an Elder to the body of Christ for the last 25 years. His purpose is to train and help establish people who are called into the five fold minsitries. To prepare them for the battle that is to come as we complete God's plan for his creation. He is uniquely qualified to execute this mission through his long study of the Bible, an intimate relationship with our Lord and Christ over 35 years and having over come many of life's challenges.

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Belief Statement




  1. The ministry and church shall be called Godfire Worldwide Ministries/ The Church of the First Born and it will exist as a church of which Jesus is the founder through His servant, Bishop Mishael. Jesus is the beginning of all kingdom agenda and He began it to reach to the world through his brethren.

  2. Godfire Worldwide Ministries/ The Church of the First Born shall be responsible for teaching and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom through television, virtual services and support, live crusades, conferences, conventions and so on.

  3. The activities of Godfire Worldwide Ministries/ The Church of the First Born shall be supervised by Bishop Mishael and his executives which He will be choosing according to the direction of God.

  4. Godfire Worldwide Ministries/ The Church of the First Born may visit churches via invitation to provide Instruction of Biblical principles, preaching of the Gospel, Spiritual direction, Pastoral counseling, administer compliance with established Church doctrine, to ordain new ministers, and to govern the individual membership Church body effectively.

  5. We shall also be organizing a yearly international pastors and partners conference (IPPC), conventions, crusades and conferences according to the direction of God to accomplish the above goals.

  6. We as a ministry will move to establish branches all over the world that the word of God can reach to all men and women.





The objectives of Godfire Worldwide Ministries/ The Church of the First Born may include the following, have an aim of bringing together our brethren all over the world by the effective preaching of the word of the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Godfire Worldwide Ministries/ The Church of the First Born also have an aim of strengthening personal faith in Christ Jesus and the spiritual life of its members through Bible study, effective prayers and fellowship.

  2. We also have an aim to preach the word as we were commissioned by the Lord Jesus before He was caught up into glory. ( Mathew 28:18-20, mark 16:15-19) in other words to go out for evangelism, crusades to all parts of the world beginning from Palmer, Alaska, USA.

  3. To teach and prepare members for effective and responsible church membership and leadership to responsible men and women.

  4. To help members identify and how to develop their ministries and leadership potentials.

  5. We also have the aim of colonizing the world for Jesus through the word by all means possible.






We believe in the divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Bible. We believe that the Bible is infallible in its declaration, final in its authority, all sufficient in its provision and comprehensive in its sufficiency and we can do nothing about it but stand for what is written in it because it is the truth. We believe God also speak to us through the Bible. (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:21). We also believe that nothing can be added or subtracted from the Bible because men that wrote were led by the Spirit of God and it is final.



We believe in the existence of one and only true God. He is known of many names because of what He does in the lives of His people. We call Him Elohim, Yeshuah Adonai, Jehova Jireh, Shalom,Elshadia the maker of the whole universe: indefinable, but revealed to us as God the father, God the son, and also God the Holy Spirit- one in nature, essence and attributes, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent . We have no other God but one and only one and that is the father of the Lord Jesus.




We believe that and “The wages of sin is death.” Therefore, if a man is not regenerated through repentance and acceptance of God’s free gift of Salvation, then his fate is already declared.




We believe men need a savior to restore them to a life of intimacy with the Father. This is accomplished by a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus because of his deity, virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, resurrection and ascension, also His abidingintercession for man and second coming to judge the dead and the living of their works whether it was done in the secret or in the open




We believe all men need to believe in the death and also in the resurrection of Jesus to be justified before they can meet the Jehovah Nissi in His domain that is heaven. We also believe in the sanctification of the believer and the power of the Holy Ghost working in the lives of Christians ( people who are in Christ in other words those that have accepted Him as their Lord and savior) and God’s gift of eternal life to the believers through JesusHis beloved son



We believe in the following two ordinances of the Church, Baptism by immersion and the Holy communion- the Lord’s supper as a reminder of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. We are also going to be baptizing every born again believer by immersion




We believe that when Jesus had resurrected from the dead, he was seen by his disciples and ministered to them for an additional 40 days. Before he left, he told his disciples to go and wait for him to send the Comforter within the upper room, where they had eaten the last supper together.


They waited for 10 days until it was the Feast of Pentecost. Do not tell me that all these days and feasts that Elohim enacted for his children do not mean anything in a New Testament World. Jesus came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it in whole. Everything that has been done up to today’s date can be traced exactly back to what Elohim instituted during the Old Testament.


On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those gathered there in that place. It appeared as cloven tongues of fire on the head of those gathered and the evidence that something had actually happened and was not some imagined thing, they all spoke in other tongues, (languages) than the ones that they had naturally learned to speak.


The purpose of which was not to shock unbelievers, but to make it easier for them to understand. I further purport that it was not so much some strange language but was a language that others could understand and those gathered there who were not really believers, asked how these “unlearned” men could speak these other “tongues” unto them


What speaking in tongues actually means, is that we speak in such a manner that unbelievers can understand the simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This might mean speaking in their own tongue, or dialect, or bringing it down to their own level of understanding.


I also put forth that no one could see the flames of fire unless they had been given the gift of the Spirit. It was NOT a natural occurrence, it was a Spiritual occurrence. That is why the physical sign of the Holy Ghost was given by the speaking in Tongues.


That was what took place in the upper room on the day of Pentecost. However, there is a prayer language that dwells in a man after he has received the Spirit that he can utter in his prayer closet. But this is forbidden to be spoken in public, because if anyone were to hear it they would think you’ve lost your mind. No, this is only between you and God. It is only allowed in the church if there is an interpreter to interpret. Otherwise we are commanded not to speak in this manner.


So, there is a language of another tongue that can cause the unbelievers to believe in the way, but there is also a language that can be used to “pray in the Spirit”. Which is done in your prayer closet.




We believe that God’s will is that we all walk in the healing promises of Jesus His beloved son but however, we do not come against medications by qualified medical practitioners. God’s desire is to heal us when we are afflicted with infirmities and other forms of demonic operations but when people decide to visit the doctors or medical practitioners during sickness it is acceptable, even reasonable.




We believe that God loves a cheerful giver and anyone that gives in such manner, God will never let him be forsaken and his or her seed will never go begging for bread




We believe that when Jesus died and resurrected, he fulfilled completely the Law of Moses and these three statutes of the Old Covenant. We believe in the New Covenant which was sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ, which established a new and more excellent way. In this new covenant, we are not bound to be circumcised, worship on the Sabbath, nor to pay tithes. Many today will try and bring Christians again into bondage by admonishing these old ways, but we have found life, peace and righteousness in Christ Jesus.




We believe that Soon, the Sons of God will become manifest for all the world to see. They will be the chosen ones of God who will restore all creation back to the Father. These men numbering 144,000 will arise from all nations, tongues and creeds of the earth and will have the fullness of the Spirit of God just like Jesus himself has. These are those who will have knowledge and the power of creation in order to solve all of the worlds maladies. They will become the rulers of the earth in place of all the governments of the earth today. These are those who are of the first resurrection and the rest of the just shall not arise until the end of the 1,000 year reign. These shall rule & reign with Christ Jesus in his throne with a rod of iron for 1,000 years. The rest of humanity left on the earth after the judgement of the wicked as told in the Wheat & the Tares parable by Jesus, will flourish like has never been upon the earth since the Garden. Jesus himself will return at the beginning of the Millennium Period to take his place as supreme leader of the world and shall administer his Kingdom from Jerusalem. With the 144,000 will rule over countries, regions and cities though out the earth. We further believe that heaven is not our final destination. As the Bible clearly says that those who are in heaven with Jesus will come back to the earth at the appointed time and join us here, who are the alive and remain in the earth. And at the end of the 1,000 years all the remaining saints in the grave will resurrect to face the judgement of the saints. This judgement will be governed by the 144,000.